Setting up your domain with Cloudflare

1) Sign up for a FREE account at
2) Once you have signed up, and successfully logged into your account, select '+ Add Site' :
3) Please enter the domain you have registered with us, or with a different registrar.
4) Select 'Next'
5) Select the 'Free' plan if you do not wish to pay for additional features, alternatively- you are able to pay for plans monthly to gain additional features.
6) Select Confirm Plan
7) Note down the cloudflare provided nameservers, which are different per user:
8) Please edit your domains nameservers on the website you've registered it at, to the ones you were told above.
9) Now, navigate to the Cloudflare Control Panel- and select 'DNS'
10) Select the drop-down menu, and click on 'ns' :
11) Please type in your domain in the box named 'Name' and then enter '' into the box which is named 'Nameserver'
12) It should look similar to this:
13) Please select 'Add Record' and repeat this process two more times, but change the nameserver to '' on the second record and '' on the third
14) Please then add an 'A' Record, making the name of it the same as the NS Records, and the iPv4 Address:
15) If you are still experiencing issues- please contact our support team through Live Chat, Tickets, or Discord.
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